Non-Traditional Amalfi Coast, Italy Elopement – Eric + Elisa

Eric & Elisa share a rare kind of love. Their relationship is raw and non-traditional in all the best ways. They aren’t afraid to communicate with brutal honesty and they balance each other out like yin and yang. I’m not lying when I say just knowing these two has made me a better person. From the streets of New York to the coasts of Amalfi, I’ve seen them in all kinds of situations, and let me tell you, they’re the real deal. They’re soulmates. Join us as we delve into their intimate and unforgettable Non-traditional Amalfi Coast elopement – a celebration of love, adventure, and the extraordinary.

Initial Meetup – The Story Session in NYC

Eric & Elisa’s film started out at their home in Middletown, New York. They were kind enough to let me stay in their guest room while we hung out, getting to know each other better. For each couple, I like to, at a minimum, sit down and talk about their history together. This setup was more than ideal for delving deeper into their love story. From yoga in the morning to NYC park hangs and sushi dates, I was given a glimpse into the day and life of a couple who love each other, their family and their cat, Willow, deeply.

During my few days spent in New York learning about Eric & Elisa, we took a few hours to sit down in one of their favorite coffee shops to talk about their journey. We discussed how they met, fell in love and what their future would hold. Having the time to chat like this is so important, in my opinion, to craft a film for each couple that is authentically theirs. Not only was I ready for their elopement with a narrative in mind; I left their home in New York more than just a vendor. As a friend.

Hello Italy – Arrival to the city of Amalfi

We arrived to the coast in late September of 2022. The views from Naples to the coast were immaculate. The roads were narrow and winding (not for the faint of heart), but the expansive views of the sea once you break over the mountain and enter the coast were well worth the nausea.

Getting to the city of Amalfi was relatively painless but, as we all learned quickly, the stairs to the hotels & AirBNBs are NO JOKE. Thinking you can huff it and carry your luggage up a mountain is a rookie mistake… We were those rookies lol.

Exploring the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is made up of many small cities built into the mountainside. Positano is the most popular but can get quite crowded; especially during the busy season. For this reason we chose to stay in the town of Amalfi during a less traveled time of the year. Once we were settled into our AirBNB, a beautiful mountain-side home called ‘Le Palme’, we spent the next few days exploring the coast. We wandered the streets eating the most incredible food while searching for the perfect spot for a ceremony. Here are a few of our favorites!

Luna d’Agerola – Cooking Class

The day before the wedding ceremony, we trekked up the mountain to a small town called San Lazzaro. Near the edge of town sits a small farm, Luna D’Agerola, owned and operated by the family Acampora. The owner & chef, Valentino, welcomed us in for a tour around his farm and a cooking class where we learned the art of making pasta, mozzarella & tiramisu from scratch!

The Vows – An Intimate Ceremony on Atrani Beach

During our exploration in the days prior; we found a small beach in a quiet town, Atrani, neighboring Amalfi. Atrani is teeming with magnificent architecture and boasts a massive stone bridge overlooking the sea. It’s exactly the type of image I had in my head when I first thought of the Amalfi coast and it exceeded all of my expectations. From the laundry hanging from balconies in the narrow city streets to the church of Santa Maria boasting on the hill, Atrani stole my heart as my favorite spot on the coast. It would prove to be the ~most perfect~ spot for Eric & Elisa to share their vows.

The Feature – Eric & Elisa

Here it is! The feature film for Eric & Elisa. It was incredibly difficult to condense this trip into a short film. These two became my dear friends on this trip and it was, and always is, my greatest intention to tell my couples’ story in the most authentic way. I hope to document you and your story in the way that YOU see it yourself. These moments in our love stories are powerful, yet fleeting. Our memory will only get us so far. So do yourself a favor and hire a filmmaker to cement your own chapter into history. Reach out here to get things started. I can’t wait to meet you!

Eric & Elisa’s Film Reaction


February 4, 2024

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